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CodeWrite helps students learn how to program.

Using CodeWrite, students author their own programing exercises, practice answering exercises created by their classmates, and can evaluate and discuss all code that is written.

Why use CodeWrite?

Drill and practice exercises enable students to master skills needed for more sophisticated programming. CodeWrite provides a very simple to use platorm to support this form of practice. A new CodeWrite repository, accessible by your students, can be created in less than a minute. CodeWrite can help to establish a learning community in your class incorporating collaborative learning and peer tutoring.

Design...  Challenging students to design their own programming exercises requires them to focus on important programming principles. Testing is an important component to writing good software, but it can be difficult to motivate introductory students to write tests. CodeWrite provides this motiviation, as the tests students define are used to verify other students' solutions to their exercises.
Share...  All student-authored exercises and solutions are shared with the class, and can be filtered in a number of ways including by course topic, by quality or difficulty ratings, and by popularity. Students can also discover good exercises by following authors who have contributed exercises they find useful.
Learn...  Students receive immediate feedback when answering exercises, and can compare the code they have written with that developed by other students in the class. Answered exercises can be evaluated for quality and difficulty, and associated discussion threads enable peer-dialogue around each exercise.

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If you would like to find out more about CodeWrite, or if you have any questions, please contact us:

Paul Denny
Computer Science Education Research Group
Department of Computer Science
The University of Auckland
New Zealand
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