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CodeWrite supports students in the creation, sharing, evaluation and discussion of programming questions.

What is CodeWrite?
Students use CodeWrite to create short programming exercises - which are shared with their classmates and can be solved for practice - building familiarity and confidence with a lanugage.
Think about testing
Testing is a crucial aspect of successful programming, yet it can be difficult to motivate it at the introductory level. The necessity of writing tests is central to the way CodeWrite works.
Free and easy to use
CodeWrite is free and very easy to use. Students are presented with a simple, intuitive interface and instructors can easily view student content and monitor participation.
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Want to get started? Request an instructor account and experiment for yourself for free. View student and instructor guides, watch screencasts of CodeWrite in action, and hear what students and instructors think.

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CodeWrite is free to use - if you would like to use CodeWrite in a class you are teaching and are ready to get started, please request an instructor account. If you are a student, your instructor will have sent you a link to help you get started.

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